Faculty Advisors

As an individualized major, you must identify three faculty members who have expertise in the areas of study you have included in your major and who are willing to serve as advisors to you.

  • These faculty advisors must be from at least two different departments.
  • Your primary advisor must be from a department in the college (CLAS or CAHNR) granting your individualized major degree.
  • Faculty advisors are usually tenure-track or tenured faculty, but you may include an adjunct instructor as a second or third advisor if his/her department permits and s/he plans to be at UConn as long as you.
  • Note that graduate students and professional staff may not serve as advisors to IMJR plans of study.

You will want to choose faculty members who teach or do research in the academic areas that interest you. This is important because they can point you to research that will shed light on your major’s essential questions and issues. They also have the latest information on courses being offered in their departments and can direct you to those that are most relevant to your major. Additionally, they may be able to connect you to internships or research opportunities that are available in their fields.