Course Registration for Individualized Majors

You will be registering for courses in a variety of departments and schools or colleges within the University, so it is important to understand their registration policies. Always remember that you are responsible for registering for your courses.

Important Dates

Spring 2018 registration begins on Monday, October 23. You can find your registration appointment time by going to Student Admin, Self Service, and then Student Center.

Two weeks before course registration begins, we will ask  you to provide a list of courses in your plan of study that you wish to register for in the coming semester. We share this information with select departments which refer to these lists when responding to requests for permission numbers. Please respond to this email in a timely manner.

General Advice

  • Be sure you have met the course’s prerequisites. If you have not met the prerequisites, the Student Admin system will block your registration. IMJRs are not excused from prerequisites!
  • Try registering via the Student Admin system. Use Dynamic Class Search to see if seats are available and to check if remaining seats are reserved for majors.
  • When a course is full, some departments use the wait list system in Student Admin. If a wait list exists, be sure to put yourself on it. See the  Registrar’s website for more information.
  • If all the remaining seats are reserved, you need to request a permission number. You should be prepared to state your case politely and coherently to the correct person. Some departments handle permission number requests centrally, others leave it to individual instructors, and some have specific procedures for IMJRs. Check below for specific departmental protocols.
  • If permission numbers are issued by the instructor, it may be more effective to meet with him/her in person than to send an email.
  • If you have been unable to enroll in your preferred course, be sure to enroll in a relevant alternative. In addition, attend the first several classes of your preferred course and speak with the instructor; many students alter their schedules in the first week of classes and a seat may become available.

How to Obtain Permission Numbers

Business Administration

  • Be sure to respond to our email about course registration. In your reply you may list a maximum of two BADM courses of which ONE may be BADM 3750 or a course for which BADM 3750 is the prerequisite (a course in marketing); the School of Business will then enroll you in these courses before the start of registration.
  • Info Sheet: Business Courses


  • Try to register via the Student Admin system
  • If all unreserved seats have been filled, please use the wait list in Student Admin.
  • The academic advisors in COMM ( will issue permission numbers once COMM majors have enrolled.
  • You will only be eligible for consideration for a permission number under this system if you have the relevant COMM course on your approved plan of study and have notified the IMJR Program Office of your intention to register for the course.


  • Try to register via the Student Admin system.
  • If all unreserved seats are full, please use the wait list in Student Admin and contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Lauren Munyard ( to request a permission number.

Sport Management (EDLR)

  • Sport management classes are generally reserved for sport management majors, therefore you will need to obtain a permission number.
  • Contact the instructor to request a permission number. Please explain that you are an individualized major. See Guidelines on inclusion of EDLR courses in an IMJR.

Human Development and Family Studies

  • Try to register via the Student Admin system.
  • If you are unable to register, contact the instructor and explain that you are an individualized major whose plan of study includes the course in question.


  • Contact the Journalism office to get a permission number. Only those students who submitted course requests to the IISP office will be given a permission number.
  • The permission number given to students is valid ONLY for one day. See Guidelines note on inclusion of JOUR courses in an IMJR.

Political Science

  • Try to register via the Student Admin system. A small number of IMJR seats have been reserved in some courses.
  • If unable to register, use the wait list, if available, and contact the Instructor for permission number.


  • For PSYC 2100WQ: all seats in this course are reserved for majors. Therefore, individualized majors should contact the psychology Undergraduate Program Office for a permission number. Please list two or three sections that fit your schedule in order of preference. You must do so before the start of the registration period. Do not delay since demand for this course is high. Explain that you are an individualized major. (You must have notified the IMJR Program of your intention to register for this course to be considered for a permission number.)
  • For all courses besides PSYC 2100WQ, try to register via the Student Admin system. If no seats are available, then you should contact the instructor.


  • Try to register via the Student Admin system.
  • For SOCI 3201, 3211Q, and 3251 – use the Dynamic Class Search in Student Admin to look for an unreserved seat. If all remaining seats are reserved, add your name to the waitlist and contact Ms. Kathy Covey ( to request a permission number. Please provide the course number and the section number. Explain that you are an individualized major and specify your graduation date.
  • For all other SOCI courses – if the course is full, use the wait list system in Student Admin and email the instructor to request a permission number. Please provide the course number and the section number. Explain that you are an individualized major and specify your graduation date.

Capstone Course or Thesis

  • To register for the capstone course, UNIV 4600W, obtain a permission number from Michael Cunningham in the IISP office.
  • To register for UNIV 4697W, fill out an Independent Study Authorization form. The thesis supervisor signs on the instructor line. Monica van Beusekom or your primary IMJR advisor signs on the advisor line. Monica van Beusekom signs the Department Head line. Please remember that we must have your Thesis Proposal Form on file before we sign the independent study authorization form.