Application Forms

Applications are submitted online at UConn's Quest portal

  • Plan of Study
    To be used at the time of application. For detailed instructions, please see the Application Overview.
  • CLAS Double Major Worksheet
    Individualized Major Program form that lists the courses in each of your majors.  Used to check that overlap between the two CLAS majors is acceptable.
  • CLAS Double Major Declaration
    Obtain only the signature of your advisor for your other major. IISP Program staff will sign for Individualized Major following admission. Submit to Enrichment Programs office prior to Committee interview.

Thesis Forms

Email your thesis proposal and approval forms to Monica van Beusekom. Send the Independent Study Authorization form - once signed - to the Registrar's Office.

Final Plan and Change in Plan Forms

Submit the final plan form in Student Admin. If you have made changes to your major, email a Change in Plan form to Michael Cunningham.