Preparing to Graduate

1. Apply to Graduate

This informs the Registrar that you intend to graduate (instructions).

2. Create Final Plan of Study

Because each individualized major is unique and not tracked in the Student Admin system, your submission must include a Final Plan of Study Form that lists the courses in your major.  If you are completing a double major or additional degree, you must also include a double major or additional degree worksheet with your submission.  Instructions are included on the form.

Sample Final Plan of Study: Food, Culture, and Health

Note: If you have included courses in your final plan of study that were not in Part A or B of your proposed plan of study, you will need to submit a Change in Plan to us. Please see the Making Changes page for more information.

3. Submit Final Plan of Study

Submit your final plan of study no later than the third Monday of the semester you plan to graduate. August graduates submit their final plans of study at the start of the Spring semester.

You submit the plan electronically via Student Admin (instructions). Look for the “Attachment” button on the Final Plan of Study page for the Individualized Major near the Comments box. Note that each of your majors or minors has its own final plan of study page with a comment box. Make sure you attach your final plan of study on the Individualized Major page!

Note: If we have denied approval of your initial submission (because, for example, you did not submit the required attachment) then you will need to re-start the “submit final plan of study” process. DO NOT go back to the denied plan. You must initiate a new approval process in order for your primary faculty advisor and the IMJR Program to receive a request to approve your plan.