Preparing to Graduate

1. Apply to Graduate

Instructions available at the Registrar’s Steps to a Successful Graduation

2. Submit Final Plan of Study


You must submit your final plan of study no later than the third Monday of the semester you plan to graduate. August graduates must submit their final plans of study at the start of the Spring semester.


Final plans of study may now be submitted electronically via Student Admin. See the instructions. Because each individualized major is unique and not tracked in the Student Admin system, your submission must include:

  • Final plan of study
  • For Double Majors: double major worksheet

The forms can be downloaded from the Forms page. You must attach these documents in Student Admin. Look for the “Attach” button on the Final Plan of Study Comments page near the Comments box.

NOTE: If the IISP office has denied approval of your initial submission (because, for example, you did not submit the required attachment) then you will need to re-start the “submit final plan of study” process. DO NOT go back to the denied plan. You must initiate a new approval process in order for your primary faculty advisor and the IMJR Program to receive a request to approve your plan.

What if I have made changes to my plan of study since approval?

You will need to make sure that you have submitted a “Change in Plan of Study” form, with the appropriate signatures, to the Enrichment Programs office, Rowe 419, before submitting your final plan of study. Please see the Making Changes page.

Who reviews my final plan?

The submission will be reviewed first by your primary advisor, then by the IMJR program, and then forwarded to the Registrar.

What if I can’t submit electronically?

You may still submit your final plan of study in paper form but these forms are no longer available on our website. Please contact Monica van Beusekom or Michael Cunningham for the appropriate forms..